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Bed Bug Infestations

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If you have been paying attention to the news over the last few years, you may have noticed an explosion of pieces about bed bugs. There have been many reports about bed bugs in hotels, movie theaters, and other public places. All of the recent articles and journalism spots have led to many questions for many people. Some of the questions often asked include the following:

         Is there really an increase in bed bug infestations?

         What are the best ways to treat bed bugs and how can you prevent them?


It is true that there are more and more reports of bed bugs in the United States. Some experts think that this could be because of increased travel. Increased infestations can also be caused by “bed bug panic.” What this means is that, when people find bed bugs in their couch or bed and abandon it outside, someone else comes and picks up the furniture. Thus, the infestation is spread into another house!

If you are staying at a new hotel, check under your mattress for signs of an infestation. Also check around the bed in areas like night stands or other furniture close to the bed.

It’s also very important to keep your luggage away from the bed. Store it on a luggage rack or in the dry bath tub. Whatever you do, just keep it away from the bed! The last thing you want is bed bugs getting into your suitcase and then bringing them home with you.

When you return home from a trip, wash the clothes from your suitcase immediately. You should then vacuum your suitcase and dump the contents into a tightly sealed bag outside that you should then dispose of properly. Although this may seem like an extreme measure, it is better to be overly cautious than to deal with a full blown infestation.

If you think that you may have bed bugs in your home already, grab a flashlight and check underneath your mattress. Search the bed frame, the mattress, and the box spring as these are all places where bed bugs like to live.  Look for tiny red spots because that’s what the bed bugs look like.

If you do find a bed bug, look for bed bug experts in your area. Do not try any of the so-called home remedies for eliminating bed bugs. Oftentimes, these remedies can actually make the situation worse.

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5 Reasons Why Sardinia is An Eco-Tourist’s Paradise for a stop on your Luxury Yacht Charter

5 Reasons Why Sardinia is An Eco-Tourist’s Paradise for a stop on your Luxury Yacht Charter

To the average visitor, Sardinia is your typical Mediterranean paradise. It’s well known for its star attractions, like Porto Pino, Costa Smeralda and San Teodoro, which attract legions of beach goers and swanky yachts

But the island offers lots of secret treats that only eco-tourists will know about. Read on to find out more from the team at y.achts on why the treasures Sardinia holds for nature lovers should be explored.

National Parks:

Beyond the more accessible areas of the coastline, as you venture deeper into the island’s interior, visitors will find large areas of protected green landscapes that are perfect for viewing wildlife. The Maddalena Archipelago National Park covers a vast section of the land and sea between Sardinia and the francophone island of Corsica. Most of the land in this national park is uninhabited so it’s ideal for peaceful, uninterrupted nature walks. The Porto Conte Regional Park is a lovely added attraction for people visiting the historical sites of Alghero. Porto Conte is known for its beautiful landscapes near the coast. Jacques Cousteau, the legendary conservationist, named Porto Conte as one the most spectacular attractions in the Mediterranean.

Bird lovers may also want to visit the Molentargius Environmental and Sustainability Center that covers part of a protected wetland and is an essential habitat for a number of sea birds. The center offers boardwalks and bird hides making it easy to observe and enjoy the company of the birds without disturbing them.

Fun on the water:
Let’s not forget that Sardinia is an island, so there’s no scarcity of water activities to partake in. Most tourists rent a yacht or a sailboat to tour the coastline, but Sardinia can be a scuba diver’s paradise as well. There are lots to see beneath the waters off the Sardinian coast. Coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves offer great opportunities for exploration to both newbie and veteran divers. There are scuba diving companies, like Nautilus Diving Center, which offers a full range of dives and a PADI certification for visitors who are novices.

If you’d rather enjoy Sardinia from above sea level, kayaking is normally a more affordable alternative to sailing. The Guardian newspaper named Sardinia as one of the premier kayaking destinations in the world and for good reason. Visitors will find the waters off Sardinia ideal for kayaking in terms of the scenery and peacefulness of the tides. You won’t find it difficult to access kayaks either. Companies such as Sea Kayak Sardinia provide visitors with an extensive array of classes, island tours and day trips.

Green eating:
Part of Sardinia’s charm is that it’s still a very agricultural island so organic food is available everywhere you look. The island still has a vast population of shepherds who produce cheeses and cut meats. Add in some olives and a fresh catch of the day from the local fishermen and you’ll have a meal that’s healthy and friendly to Mother Nature.
Beyond the busy beaches and pricey yachts, Sardinia is an eco-lover’s haven. If you just love to enjoy our planet’s natural beauty, then it’s the place to be in the Mediterranean

What is the Rotovac Carpet Cleaning Process?

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Have you ever wondered how carpet cleaning companies get your carpet so clean and spotless? No matter how much you vacuum, your carpets are never as clean as they are after a visit from the professionals. Many carpet cleaners including Empire Cleaning use something called the Rotovac to clean your carpet.

The rotovac works much better than the traditional cleaning method of using the manual wand. The manual wand has been around for over 40 years and represents the old way of carpet cleaning.

The manual wand is limited because it can only clean the carpet by going back and forth. The other disadvantage of the outdated manual wand is that it is limited to it’s operator’s strength. Using a manual wand requires a lot of physical labor and scrubbing back and forth,which can be tiresome.

The rotovac on the other hand is the new way to have your carpet professionally cleaned. The rotovac cleans in all directions and has over 1500 mechanic presses per minute. The rotovac also features dual high torque motors which makes it way easier for the user. Not nearly as much physical labor is required to operate this machine as it is with the manual wand. The rotovac also packs an impressive six vacuum slots and six spray jets! The rotovac provides the new carpet cleaning standard!

With the rotovac, your carpet will not only be cleaner but it will also stay cleaner longer between services. The rotovac thoroughly cleans the carpet from all directions rather than just moving back and forth. The rotovac will be able to clean your carpet more thoroughly than the traditional methods.

The best way to keep your carpets as good as new is to have them cleaned by professionals regularly. A professional cleaning is the only way to get rid of the grime and dirt that has been building up on your carpets. Your carpet may even appear to be clean on the surface, but underneath the surface lays odor and dirt.

Empire cleaning provides the best service in Omaha carpet cleaning. Your carpet will look its best after Empire Cleaning’s patented Rotovac cleaning process. Empire Cleaning offers services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery, and oriental & area rug cleaning. Other services offered by the experts at carpet cleaning in Omaha include spot/pet odor removal,carpet stretching, and dryer vent cleaning.

Schools Mugs Are For More Than Just Coffee

Schools Mugs Are For More Than Just Coffee
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If we were all to be totally honest, we would readily admit that we all love to have some small reminder of the good times in our lives. It’s a perfectly natural thing to wish for, which may explain why school mementos are fast becoming a hot ticket. While you kids may not realize it right now, you are well aware that school represents the best years of your life, which is why a little reminder of the good times is a great way to keep those memories fresh.

One way to get a little school pride and remember the good times is with a school mug. It may seem like a pretty insignificant thing, but every time you reach for your morning coffee and see the school log on your mug, you will be reminded of those good times. You’ll find that kids will pretty soon start to agree with you, especially if you pick up a school mug that shows off something particularly good that they have accomplished during the school year.

We all love our kids and want to show off when they do something that makes us proud. School mugs are a fantastic way to personalize those moments so that you are left with a permanent reminder. For example, if your child has worked real hard and made it onto the school sports team, why not show a little pride by treating yourself to a school mug that has the school name and a list of fixtures for the coming season. Not only would you be supporting your child and the team, you’d also have a handy little reminder of the schedule right in front of your face every day.

Another way to commemorate the great sporting event of your kid is to have a photo mug made, which might have the school logo on it, as well as a picture of the entire team. This is actually a great idea for schools looking to raise a little money, as parents with kids on the team, as well as supporters of the team, will clamor to buy such an item. Getting uniforms for the kids and getting the equipment they need can be pricy, and this is a great way to rake in a few extra pound during the season.

As the school year winds to an end every summer, you may want to find a way to say thank you to a special teacher that has made a real impact on the life of your child. A personalized school mug is one way to do that, and one that they are sure to appreciate when you make that effort. Some gifts seem great, but really aren’t that practical. A school mug is something that can not only be cherished when given as a gift, but also be something that is used on a daily basis.

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New Crime Trends

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Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to take your money. If you follow the news, you will not be surprised by some of the new and creative ways thieves and robbers have found to steal from you! These people do it for a living, so it is not surprising that they are finding more and more creative ways to rob you and steal from you. Below are some of the new schemes that criminals are using to take your hard earned money.

Thieves Robbing Cars While They are at the Gas Station

When someone is filling up their car with gas, a thief sneaks into their car and snatches their purse or wallet. This happens because the victim leaves their car unlocked and their purse or wallet on the center console or somewhere easy to take.

After the thief has your wallet, they can find out your personal information. They have access to everything- your cash, cards, and address! To prevent this, simply lock your car or keep any valuables on your person. These thieves are very sly and can steal from you right in front of you without you even noticing!

Another trick involves cars at a football game or concert. Thieves are breaking into cars and stealing garage door openers and GPS units. The criminals then look at the home address in the GPS and go to the owner’s house and open their garage door. You can imagine what happens next. Any precious jewelry or electronics that you own are stolen and most likely sold on the black market or to a pawn shop! A way to prevent this from happening is to not save your actual address on your GPS. Put in a gas station or store close to your home but not your actual address. This way you can still get directions to your house and your home’s location will be protected.

A variation of the above scam involves leaving your car in a long term parking area. This is very inviting to thieves. Security is usually very lax and minimal in the long term parking areas. Thieves can break into your car and find out where you live by going through your belongings and insurance information in your car. Once they have found out where you live, they will drive to your house and take as much as they want. After all, they know you are out of town!

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Cleaning your pipes and drains regularly with Plano Plumber

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Keeping the inside of your home clean is one of the most important chores my mother told me to do. The same rule applies to your drains and pipes. Cleaning your pipes and drains regularly will make them last longer and also reduces the risk of pests and odors that usually plagues the equipment. There are a few common household items which can reduce the risk of these pests and odor.

Vinegar is your best friend when it comes to clearing out your pipes. When you use name brand de-clogging agents, they are usually abrasive and may cause damage to your pipes and cause leaks later down the road. Vinegar, on the other hand, is made of all natural ingredients and would not cause damage to your pipes and drains. Pour half a bottle of white vinegar down the drain and let it stand for 10 minutes to prevent clogs from even forming. After 10 minutes, flush the vinegar with hot water. The acid in the vinegar removes any clogs that may be forming under the surface. If the vinegar scent is too strong for you to handle or you just want a non-vinegar like scent, pouring lemon juice will give you a more natural scent.

Baking soda can be used as an odor eater and a drain cleaner as well. No matter where your drain is odors can develop for numerous reasons. Whether it is in your shower or your kitchen drain odor is not an attractive scent. With baking soda you can safely clean your pipes and remove the odor of your pipes. Pour a cup of baking soda down your drain and let it sit there for about 20 minutes. Boil four cups of water and pour it down the drain as well to flush out the baking soda. The natural solution of the baking soda and hot water will clean your pipes and give you a fresh scent.

To save yourself from the trouble of ending up with clogged pipes, it may be beneficial to use the drain sieve. Though preventative measures can save you of future drain turmoil, if you already have problems with your pipes it is important to call your local plumber immediately. Call Plano Plumbing and Leak Detection , they have been in service to the Plano area for over 60 years and have the experience and licensed technicians needed for your plumbing needs. Call 972-313-4659 today for your local Plano plumber.

How Diluting Thick Lips Naturally Without Surgery

Many women are always asking how to attenuate lips naturally without surgery . Lip is indeed one part of the human body that can provide or support the appearance . Many people assume that it will be thinner lips look beautiful , and it was true . Maybe a lot of people have thick lips , but it does not mean they are not pretty . Thick or thin lips will be more beautiful if it conforms to the shape of the face, so if the lips thin but not fit so the same will not look attractive . For that you need to know how to naturally attenuate lips without surgery . For that much money probably would prefer a way of diluting the lips with surgery . Because this method is quite powerful and has been proved results. But for those who do not have enough money you should forget to attenuate lip surgery . As the best solution you can attenuate the lips naturally with makeup . Well no need to elaborate further below I give tips on how to attenuate the beauty of the natural lip .

1 . Use Neutral Color Lipstick
You can choose a lipstick that matched with the color of skin , this can disguise the size of your lips . If you are not confident you should not choose a bright color lipstick , as this can make you look bright focused on your lips .

2 . Get rid Lipgloss
For those of you who want to have thin lips lipstick make sure to avoid giving a glossy effect . Because this type of lipstick can make your lips look full and wide .

3 . Note the content of Lipstick
In addition you also need to get rid of lip gloss lipstick to give a glossy effect to the material that is too much oil ( oil base ) . So smart in choosing lipstick if you do not want to look thick lips and wide .

How diluting lips above would not hurt to try. You should know that the thick lips can not simply be diluted only with natural ingredients . You can do that with the illusion of making lips look thinner using makeup . Alright so little information about how to naturally attenuate lips , may be useful and good luck . click here :